You want to be a better parent and develop a warm and affectionate relationship with your child but don’t know how? You are trying to help your child to deal easier with difficult emotions and to develop appropriate behavior patterns but you seem to fail every time? Parenting is the most beautiful, but also the most difficult job and it often seems you can’t do things right no matter how hard you try. Don’t worry – you are in the right place!

To help parents around the world, we have created a course, the first in a series of parenting courses, in which we will explain the basic neuroscience behind a child’s development and behavior and provide specific tools for the parents to understand their child, set healthy and necessary boundaries, and help their child fulfill his full potential in a warm, secure and affectionate environment.
In this course you will learn about brain development and how different parts of the brain impact the child’s behavior but also how you can properly stimulate your child’s brain and improve their cognitive functioning, self-regulation, and attention. We will explain the difference between various styles of attachments a child can develop and how each of these styles reflects in their behavior.
You will also learn about different types of temperament which is the basis for our behavior and be able to determine your child’s temperament based on a questionnaire you will receive.

The play has an important role in child’s development. In this course, we will show you how you can be their play partner and stimulate their brain through fun activities. Spending time playing with your child not only benefits his development but also creates a warm and affectionate bond between you and your child.

By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge of the basic neuroscience behind a child’s behavior and all the tools needed to set boundaries and be consistent, to help your child learn healthy self-regulation skills, to be a safe harbor for your child, and to create a warm and secure environment your child needs for proper development.
The course is made according to the highest production standards and contains animations and graphics for easy follow-up.





Join our course and become the parent you always wanted to be!